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has been supplying some of the World’s leading retailers with Cutting Edge Anti Theft Hardware and Software Technology combined with Award Winning Design, for more than 14 years. Our products are currently in use at T-Mobile, Bell, Telus, The Source, Indigo, Chapters, Canadian Tire and more.

However, Shopguard today is much more that just product security and presentation. What sets us apart from the competition is Shopguard’s ability to offer simultaneously, our own unique novel online software solutions for your product, services, and marketing. All adding up to increased sales!

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LOXXYS – The Ultimate Solution Against Retail Theft

Mechanical tags are the new trend in EAS security. We designed ours utilizing cutting edge technology that minimizes in-store loss. Better security provided by the Loxxys tag compared to not just the ones with traditional magnetic lock, but other new generation mechanical ones. Despite its smaller size, its specially designed coil provides excellent RF detection up to 2 meters between pedestals. WHY REPLACE TRADITIONAL TAGS WITH LOXXYS? Cheap magnets and traditional openers online Almost all types of traditional detachers and magnets are available online at low cost to criminals. LOXXYS allows for reduction in both labor and added technical prevention Hiring more security personnel and training staff to be constantly alert requires extra time and cost. Less auxiliary equipment, such as cameras and metal detection is required to maintain security. Inefficient solutions Attaching two or three tags on a single garment only postpones theft by a few seconds. Improved in-store sales and atmosphere Store staff can focus more on customer service and less on theft prevention. Stop your unwanted stock shrinkage today! Contact us for more... read more

Remotely Managed Smart EAS Antenna from Shopguard

Check and manage you Electronic Article Surveillance towers (antennas) using your Smart Phone! Yes, it’s here. Shopguard announced its ultimate Remote Management System (RMS) that allows you to monitor your EAS security antennas on-line using the RMS Mobile App or your PC/Laptop. How does it work? A wirelessly interconnected antenna system without the need for local service The antennas are communicating wireless with a special router via a secured communication channel. This gateway unit is continuously sending data back and forth to the server. There is no need for physical interaction with the antenna, the surveillance is uninterrupted. It is completely invisible for consumers and convenient for customers and store staff. Main Features: Event logging & Statistics Monitoring and Controlling Invisible, uninterrupted surveillance Mobile App for System Management (iOS, Android, Windows) Real-time visualization on map Multiple store and user... read more