COVID-19 Products


Experiencing pain with COVID lineups, staffing and store capacities?

Counterguard Cam w / ID Key TM

Lineup and Entrance Traffic Control

  • Manage store capacity accurately and cost-effectively
  • Communicate with customers in line
  • Complete oversight and dashboard reporting
  • Sanitize customers before entering


Manage capacity

Customer communication


How It Works

Camera monitoring devices mounted above the entrance and exits keep an accurate count of customers entering and exiting the store.

Stores can set the limit of the number of customers in-store at any time.

Counterguard comes complete with our patented ID KEY hybrid cloud reporting system accessible by store staff or management to monitor the number of people in store at any one time. Store management can set this limit on their app accessible via any logged in device- phone, tablet or desktop. Remote logins by head office or management can occur from anywhere in the world and can produce up-to-the-minute reporting for all of the chain’s stores.

Once the occupancy limit number has been set by management, it is communicated to customers in line thru our unique digital hand sanitizer stand- an android based screen positioned at the front entrance of the store. Based on the number of occupants, customers in line will see one of 2 messages.


These screens are managed by ID KEY’s digital content management system (CMS). Stores can customize any messages, promotions and store guidelines all in their own branding.

Counterguard by Shopguard takes safety one step further by providing an automatic hand sanitizer mounted on the same stand as the screen. When customers proceed to the entrance retailers can customize a message asking everyone to hand sanitizer before entering. The hand sanitizer has a capacity of up to 3000 ml. or approx 3000 sprays. Counterguard stands can dispense hand sanitizing liquid or foam. Both a liquid and foam nozzle are included.

Now retailers can control the number of customers, communicate with them automatically and sanitize each customer before entering the store, providing safety for fellow customers and employees.