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Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Interactive and cost-effective

Shopguard’s Interactive Pricetag system is a green and efficient solution that addresses the issue of frequent price changes and retailers’ need for consistency across multiple locations.

The visual layout is fully customizable and can rotate up to more than a dozen screens/pages of promotions and key features. There is the option of a touch sensitive screen, and can display ’buttons’ that are always available to the consumer to ’jump’ to key pages such as specifications.

Manual or automatic remote updates.

Updates can be scheduled or made instantly through an easy-to-use Web interface from any device with access to the internet. You will appreciate the control, reporting and ease of use of this state-of-the-art, proven and reliable solution.

Fit for purpose, pricing always on display for devices, can be used on all devices, cameras, watches, jewellery etc.

Key features

• Fully customizable screens
• Full color touch screen, standard resolution
• 320×240 px.
• 3.5” wide display
• Energy and cost-efficient
• Reporting and data mining capabilities
• Full Remote Management 24/7 via Display web app

Retail App

Demo app for phones and tablets

The Display application is an on-device media and content management solution that allows retailers to push promotional, pricing, technical and marketing information to the live device on retail displays, allowing the device to draw attention with enticing imagery.
Content can even be set to appear on display monitors throughout the store.

It also ensures smooth consumer experience.


By blocking certain apps, ignoring some user requests, such as unwanted search keywords; or making the Settings menu unreachable.
Forget the screen passwords and inappropriate background images that distract users’ attention.
The app is also able to block incoming and outgoing emergency calls to avoid unpleasant meetings in your store.

Enjoy the device without risk!

Key features

• Continuous and synchronized media playing
• slideshow or video (fullHD available)
• Demo mode to display:
• specifications, accessories, price
• Disabling Settings menu
• Block incoming outgoing calls
• Block websites and keywords
• Whitelist for keywords and websites
• Block applications
• Automatic gallery cleaning
• Remote battery/screen light management
• Full Remote Management 24/7 via Display web app


Interactive product browsing

Shopguard’s interactive product selector is a trendsetter. Not only does it offer a quick product range overview but the consumer is able to find every device, even those not displayed are within reach.
Quick browsing is allowed by using several filters.

In addition to the browser window, pages are available to be used as an option for vendor-paid advertising space.

By default, a main screen welcomes the user with an optional media player for videos or slideshows.

Truly interactive, instant consumer engagement.

Key features

• Fully customizable design
• Select max. 4 products for comparison
• Can be integrated with Media Player
• Use it with the interactive Lift Up
• Reporting and data mining capabilities
• Full Remote Management 24/7 via Display web app


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