New AM EAS Antenna from Shopguard

Introducing the ZENTO AM

Shopguard’s proven AM technology has evolved and achieved the maximum detection ranges in the market. Our systems can detect a ferrite tag up to 3.2 meters, a Supertag/DR up to 2 meters.

Thanks to our new advanced anti noise algorithms, these distances can be maintained even with medium quantities of electrical noise.
Shopguard AM systems are easy to install and can adapt to every installation needs.

Our AM Systems are designed to adapt to installer needs. All transmitters can be configured as Receivers also.
They can be extended with passive RX antennas, also improving installation cost.
Multiple antennas can be connected to the same power supply.
From the same power source, all the installation can be powered.
On the other hand, all Shopguard AM antennas and power supplies are compatible with one each other and can be connected between them.

  • Maximum detection ranges in the market.
  • Jammer alarm – against illegal devices used by ‘professional’ shoplifters.
  • Near tag alarm – to reduce unnecessary service calls.
  • Silent alarm – discreet procedures not to disturb customers.
  • Green mode – Systems can be programmed to automatically be turned off.
  • Remote maintenance
  • In/out alarm – when a new visitor is coming into the store.
  • Relay output – Eg. permits to take a picture on every alarm or to close automatic doors,
  • Programmable Light/Sound Sequences


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