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Shopguard Announces New ‘Easy Family’ Line of Products

March, 2015 – Budapest, Hungary – Shopguard Systems, Ltd. announced today a new line of security fixtures that will be available globally starting in April, 2015.
The Easy Family secures and powers mos contemporary cellular phones, tablets, personal speakers, headphones, GPS and music players.

The Easy Family is available in a variety of heights to accommodate the merchandising layout of retailer stores. These sleek, cost-efficient, easy-to-install fixtures are durable and flexible – able to provide light security or transform into a complete lock-down solution. This new line is complemented by an aesthetically similar Smart Base and 10 Port Master Unit.


Easy Family (TSL-10, TSM-10, TSS-10)

“We are very excited about this new line-up. The Easy Family, Smart Base and 10 Port Master Unit
provide the ease-of-use retailers are looking for with the durability they require.”

said Sandor Ambrus, President and CEO of Shopguard Systems Ltd.

“We have integrated the best features and functionality available in the market today and have
presented them at a very competitive price.”

Shopguard is responding to global customer demand for robust retail display solutions that combine the very best features available in today’s market, including interactive media ready capability.
All of the Easy Family products are designed for use with mobile phones and tablets and feature:

• A built-in micro USB or Lightning alarming charger that eliminates the need for secondary sensors
• Lock-down mechanism
• 4 Way (portrait or landscape) display capability
• Screw mount or adhesive mount options
• Interactive media ready*

The TSS -10 is a low profile solution, ideal for wall mounting at only 21mm high.
The TSM -10 a medium height solution, adding an angled support, raising it to 42 mm high.
The TSL -10 is the tallest solution at 83mm and is designed to raise mobile phones and tablets to the perfect height for consumer interaction on a table, cabinet or shelf. This solution is also available as a stand-alone unit.


Smart Base

The Smart Base (SB-10) an ideal solution for headphones, personal speakers, handheld GPS devices and other portable accessories.
A truly flexible solution, this product provides alarm functionality via the device’s charging port, can leverage the OEM charging cables, and comes with a variety of complementary accessories such as the charging lead lock, an angled base and a magnetic holder for perfect positioning.
The 10 Port Master Unit (M-10) provides power and alarm functionality for up to 10 display positions.
Beautifully designed for above-counter mounting or through the addition of the optional external buzzer, this slim master unit can mounted under the counter or in the smallest of spaces.

*Interactive media ready devices are designed to work with software solutions that promote customer engagement. Shopguard offers a variety of proven software solutions that are easily adapted to any retail environment. Shopguard’s Visual Retail Security solution is an elegant interactive system that serves up additional content to consumers through an adjacent monitor when targeted devices are lifted.

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