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has been supplying some of the World’s leading retailers with Cutting Edge Anti Theft Hardware and Software Technology combined with Award Winning Design, for more than 14 years. Our products are currently in use at T-Mobile, Bell, Telus, The Source, Indigo, Chapters, Canadian Tire and more.

However, Shopguard today is much more that just product security and presentation. What sets us apart from the competition is Shopguard’s ability to offer simultaneously, our own unique novel online software solutions for your product, services, and marketing. All adding up to increased sales!

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What’s New?

Tablet Kiosk Solutions

Need a universal, neat and easy to use stand for your iPad or Android tablet?  Don’t look any further! Shopguard Canada extended its tablet security product line with versatile and economical tablet kiosk solutions. The table top, wall mount and free standing displays and tablet locks are available for number of iPad and Android tablet models. It’s never been easier to turn your tablets into a real kiosk.  Do not hesitate and contact us for more information! You can also order Shopguard Tablet Kiosks online @ our web shop!... read more

World’s first fully integrated sensor with counter-top recoiler for phones and tablets

The all new recoiler mechanism is designed to withstand the every days. We deliver the highest quality counter-top solution that integrates Shopguard’s essential inventions: “screaming” sensor with illumination, unique and universal secured charging leads, media ready option packaged in a compact recoiler product, strengthened with aircraft cable. Sensor features: Adaptive power amplifier integrated in sensor head: 5.2V/2A charging capability. Integrated iReader for alarm handling. LED illuminated sensor and cradle. Tamper switch for enhanced security. Secured cable socket with interchangeable unique charging heads: Micro USB, USB C, Lightning 95dB Sound Level (screaming sensor). Optional CLAW mount for extra mechanical security Cradle Features: Fully integrated stand-alone countertop solution. Best in class recoiler mechanism: Long lifespan, easy maintenance. Cut-resistant high-security steel mesh cable (Often Referred to as Aircraft Wire) Security lock-down using Shopguard’s unique key. Reversible neck allows for angled or flat positioning: Simply click and twist Have a question?  Contact us! Order on-line @ our e-commerce website... read more

Display by Shopguard

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) Interactive and cost-effective Shopguard’s Interactive Pricetag system is a green and efficient solution that addresses the issue of frequent price changes and retailers’ need for consistency across multiple locations. The visual layout is fully customizable and can rotate up to more than a dozen screens/pages of promotions and key features. There is the option of a touch sensitive screen, and can display ’buttons’ that are always available to the consumer to ’jump’ to key pages such as specifications. Manual or automatic remote updates. Updates can be scheduled or made instantly through an easy-to-use Web interface from any device with access to the internet. You will appreciate the control, reporting and ease of use of this state-of-the-art, proven and reliable solution. Fit for purpose, pricing always on display for devices, can be used on all devices, cameras, watches, jewellery etc. Key features • Fully customizable screens • Full color touch screen, standard resolution • 320×240 px. • 3.5” wide display • Energy and cost-efficient • Reporting and data mining capabilities • Full Remote Management 24/7 via Display web app Retail App Demo app for phones and tablets The Display application is an on-device media and content management solution that allows retailers to push promotional, pricing, technical and marketing information to the live device on retail displays, allowing the device to draw attention with enticing imagery. Content can even be set to appear on display monitors throughout the store. It also ensures smooth consumer experience. How? By blocking certain apps, ignoring some user requests, such as unwanted search keywords; or making the Settings menu unreachable. Forget the... read more