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has been supplying some of the World’s leading retailers with Cutting Edge Anti Theft Hardware and Software Technology combined with Award Winning Design, for more than 14 years. Our products are currently in use at T-Mobile, Bell, Telus, The Source, Indigo, Chapters, Canadian Tire and more.

However, Shopguard today is much more that just product security and presentation. What sets us apart from the competition is Shopguard’s ability to offer simultaneously, our own unique novel online software solutions for your product, services, and marketing. All adding up to increased sales!

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What’s New?

The application that turns smartphones and tablets into in-store media tools

Shopguard Screen Wizzard (SSW) The Screen Wizard application is an on-device media and content management solution that allows retailers to push promotional, pricing, technical and marketing information to the live device on retail displays, allowing the device to draw attention with enticing imagery. Content can even be set to appear on display monitors throughout the store. The software allows retailers to customize the content with the use of HD or SD video, images, PowerPoint slides, Flash animation, and PDFs with product specifications, pricing information, and promotional messages. Content can be managed remotely through a user-friendly Web interface and can be programmed to appear on a variety of devices and monitors throughout the store or a network of stores. A user-friendly interface enables the app to be operated by anyone without specialized computer training. Retailers can also transition between static and animated promotions, and experiment with what works the best. Advertisements can be scheduled and organized according to product, groups of products, brands, and what is available in the store. They can be set based on the time of day or where the store is located, giving retailers flexibility in targeting consumers and generating sales. The versatile app is controlled via the Internet, so content on HD screens and kiosks in stores can be controlled remotely or via smartphones and tablets by clerks and managers. The application can also collect statistics on how customers interact with the displays for gauging the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Perhaps the biggest perk, however, is that external hardware is not required. The only components necessary on the customer’s part are the existing phones and... read more

New Product Line 2015 Press Release

Shopguard Announces New ‘Easy Family’ Line of Products March, 2015 – Budapest, Hungary – Shopguard Systems, Ltd. announced today a new line of security fixtures that will be available globally starting in April, 2015. The Easy Family secures and powers mos contemporary cellular phones, tablets, personal speakers, headphones, GPS and music players. The Easy Family is available in a variety of heights to accommodate the merchandising layout of retailer stores. These sleek, cost-efficient, easy-to-install fixtures are durable and flexible – able to provide light security or transform into a complete lock-down solution. This new line is complemented by an aesthetically similar Smart Base and 10 Port Master Unit. Easy Family (TSL-10, TSM-10, TSS-10) “We are very excited about this new line-up. The Easy Family, Smart Base and 10 Port Master Unit provide the ease-of-use retailers are looking for with the durability they require.” said Sandor Ambrus, President and CEO of Shopguard Systems Ltd. “We have integrated the best features and functionality available in the market today and have presented them at a very competitive price.” Shopguard is responding to global customer demand for robust retail display solutions that combine the very best features available in today’s market, including interactive media ready capability. All of the Easy Family products are designed for use with mobile phones and tablets and feature: • A built-in micro USB or Lightning alarming charger that eliminates the need for secondary sensors • Lock-down mechanism • 4 Way (portrait or landscape) display capability • Screw mount or adhesive mount options • Interactive media ready* The TSS -10 is a low profile solution, ideal for wall mounting... read more

New AM EAS Antenna from Shopguard

Introducing the ZENTO AM Shopguard’s proven AM technology has evolved and achieved the maximum detection ranges in the market. Our systems can detect a ferrite tag up to 3.2 meters, a Supertag/DR up to 2 meters. Thanks to our new advanced anti noise algorithms, these distances can be maintained even with medium quantities of electrical noise. Shopguard AM systems are easy to install and can adapt to every installation needs. Our AM Systems are designed to adapt to installer needs. All transmitters can be configured as Receivers also. They can be extended with passive RX antennas, also improving installation cost. Multiple antennas can be connected to the same power supply. From the same power source, all the installation can be powered. On the other hand, all Shopguard AM antennas and power supplies are compatible with one each other and can be connected between them. Maximum detection ranges in the market. Jammer alarm – against illegal devices used by ‘professional’ shoplifters. Near tag alarm – to reduce unnecessary service calls. Silent alarm – discreet procedures not to disturb customers. Green mode – Systems can be programmed to automatically be turned off. Remote maintenance In/out alarm – when a new visitor is coming into the store. Relay output – Eg. permits to take a picture on every alarm or to close automatic doors, Programmable Light/Sound Sequences  Need more information about the ZENTO AM 58kHz Security Antenna? CLICK... read more